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Marcellus Green
Owner/Chief Engineer
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We are very passionate about our business and really
want to bring our services to you. Need a
Recording/Video/Audio studio designed and setup, we are
right there at your place. Feel free to set up an
appointment for a free sample of what we can do for you.
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Let us answer all your computer questions
Ask Marcellus @ 618-709-6763
We offer classes on building PC's

Price of computer includes coming over
and setting up system. (Setting up system
applies only to local customers)

Details Solutions would like to thank you in
advance for your business.
Detail Solutions offers tutoring so you can
jump right in and go to work or play. No
question is to dumb or to stupid  for we
have heard and seen just about everything.
We want you to feel comfortable with your
new toys and that is why we offer 2 hours
free tutoring with any purchase over
$1700.00. Feel free and ask away.
Marcellus Green CEO/Owner
All software and hardware will be pre
installed, just hook up and go
Call and ask about other studio packages

Remember that we have over 30 years
experience in the field of setting
We Also Setup Video Surveillance
Monitor from home or anywhere you have an Internet connection.
We do Firewall Setups
Contact us at (618)709-6763
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By Reservation Only
Let your Big Screen be your
Monitor. We can set your PC up to
your HDTV
We will personally build your
system with you by our side
Marcellus well awaited cd is finally done. Feel free to call and
order yours today or Click on Link to Order Now
Ask for Marcellus Green/Owner
The Time is Now
to Get Yo Tech
Groove On
The Power of Knowledge
Here are some of the things we do at Details Solutions Computers

COMPUTER TECH:  install, repair, maintain, and analyze many different types of computer equipment, including everything from laptops to systems that
monitor changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.
REPAIR TECHNICIAN: Specialize in repairs, general hardware structure of a computer, common problems with it, and fix them. Work with software and
familiar with commonly used programs and their bugs. Inspect computers and peripherals like printers to diagnose problems, ranging from broken parts to
incorrect software settings. After diagnosing the problems, fix the unit, replace the damaged parts with new ones, and reload or change software to the
optimal settings. Work independently or in a business environment. Work with retail stores or for institutions like government departments or schools.
NETWORK TECHNICIAN: Responsible for setting up and maintaining computer networks, including both the hardware and software. Monitor network
activity, install software patches, and reallocating resources to meet different needs and manage the printer server. Install and manage VMware. Choose
where network equipment should be located in a building before a system is set up, since it tends to work best in places that are cool and have an
adequate power supply. Be the go-to person for setting up Internet connections and repairing them when they break down.
HELP DESK and CUSTOMER SERVICE: Help employees and customers who are having problems with their machines and systems. Troubleshoot
software and network connection problems.
Are you ready for us to build
your PC
We do HDMI/Audio over Cat 5/6 installations
for Churches/Businesses
Check out pic below to see some of our work
AMD A6 7400K cpu/APU w/Radeon R5 Graphics (3.9 GHz),
MSI A68HM-E33 FM2+/FM2chipset Motherboard, 1TB
Hatachi SATA hard drive, LG dvdrw,  Ballistix Sport Ram,
Diablotek 400watt power supply, Diablotek midsize case,
Windows 8.1, 4GB
Total Cost $526.22
GREAT for watching dvds and the internet
Marcelus/Owner has over
32 years of experience in
the field as a professional

We Welcome You
Classes Classes Classes
Want to learn how to use your computer or laptop? Want to learn how to install
and remove software? Want to learn how to clean virus's and malware off your
computer? Want to be able to create flyers, banners, graphics, contracts, invoices,
receipts, etc? Want to learn how to apply Windows patches and updates?
Want to learn how to use your audio interface? Want to learn how to record, mix
and master Music? Want to learn how to create and edit video?
Want to Learn How to play keyboard/piano by ear?
which cost does change depending on how many hours purchased
Learn Basic Networking  
and Hardware
(Active Directory eases the
confusion of a topology scheme.
The after Training)
And we do work on MACS,
Upgrade to the latest Mac OS
and upgrade your MAC
memory, etc.
Link to Music
by Marcellus
We also cater to churches
We do HDMI setups through out your church.
Want to see your pastor preach his message through out
the church?
Let us setup projectors, projection screens and flat screen
monitors throughout your church. Project your scriptures
throughout your church as the word is being spoken. We
also do sound systems and training as well.
Check out some of our recent work below
New Built Computers Starting at $600.00

We like to thank you in advance for your business.
Accepting all major
Debit/Credit cards
Recent to Current Work