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Detail Solutions Price List

Standard Labor $52.00 per hour                                              
Maintenance prices
Consultant Fees per hour            $120.00
Install/Setup dvdrw/cdrw               $52.00                       Transportation fee         $45.00
Install/Setup Printer/Copier          $52.00                       Clean up hard drive      $84.00
Install/Setup motherboard            $120.00                     Trouble shoot system   $52.00
Install Memory                                 $45.00                       Clean virus/malware  $89.00-$175.00     
Install Hard drive and format it for Storage            $135.00
Setup Windows on hard drive (price includes Windows 7
/10)       $255.00
Transfer hardware to another case  $110.00
Build PC and install Wind per hourws/drivers (Microsoft Windows extra)   $175.00
Network Administration $90.00 per hour
Software Tutoring Services offered: Music and Video editing  $40.00 per hour  
5 hours $120.00
Classes include Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel/Publisher. Cakewalk Sonar, Protools, Sony
Vegas Video, Soundforge, Networking Peripherals, Computer Hardware, Building your PC, etc.

Audio/Video Production

Audio Production           $75.00 per hour   
Video Production           $75.00 per hour
Audio Mastering            $75.00 per hour
CD Jackets                    $75.00 to $150.00

No Refunds, No Returns, check must clear first before receiving services, Exchanges made only
within 3 business days with original receipt based solely on Detail Solutions Discretion. For
purchase of computers, 50% of payment is due upon order. Payment is due in full before taking

Keep in mind that all prices for service are just quotes, they are subject to change if other
problems arise that may not be part of the initial job.
All the music used on this website was
Created, Produced, Composed and
Performed by Marcellus Green at Detail
Solutions (formerly MSTS)
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