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Marcellus Green/Owner
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Detail Solutions Computers
We can be your contractor. We get what
you need, set it up, and charge a small
Unless we do a computer build for you.
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Detail Solutions Computers
Marcellus Green/Owner
Detail Solutions Computers and Audio has been in the
Information Technology game for over 3
7 years and it is
something we enjoy doing with a passion. Our strong
background and versatile experience in the field will assure
you that we would be a strong and positive asset for you or
your organization. Please feel free to take advantage of all
our skills for we are willing and open minded. We are
confident that we can step right in and be a positive impact
on for you or your organization. Thank you for affording us
this opportunity for working with you.

Marcellus E Green/Owner
Certified PC Technician/Computer Support Specialist/System
Administrator/Network Administrator/Audio

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