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COMPUTER TECH: install, repair, maintain, and analyze many different types of computer equipment, including everything from laptops to systems that monitor changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.REPAIR TECHNICIAN: Specialize in repairs, general hardware structure of a computer, common problems with it, and fix them. Work with software and familiar with commonly used programs and their bugs. Inspect computers and peripherals like printers to diagnose problems, ranging from broken parts to incorrect software settings. After diagnosing the problems, fix the unit, replace the damaged parts with new ones, and reload or change software to the optimal settings. Work independently or in a business environment. Work with retail stores or for institutions like government departments or schools.NETWORK TECHNICIAN: Responsible for setting up and maintaining computer networks, including both the hardware and software. Monitor network activity, install software patches, and reallocating resources to meet different needs and manage the printer server. Install and manage VMware. Choose where network equipment should be located in a building before a system is set up, since it tends to work best in places that are cool and have an adequate power supply. Be the go-to person for setting up Internet connections and repairing them when they break down.HELP DESK and CUSTOMER SERVICE: Help employees and customers who are having problems with their machines and systems. Troubleshoot software and network connection problems.

Detail Solutions Computers and Audio has been in the Information Technology game for over 39 years and it is something we enjoy doing with a passion. Our strong background and versatile experience in the field will assure you that we would be a strong and positive asset for you or your organization. Please feel free to take advantage of all our skills for we are willing and open minded. We are confident that we can step right in and be a positive impact on for you or your organization.

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