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Services We Provide
Building, repairing and designing PC’s detailed to each individual needs.
Here at Detail Solutions we have over 3
5 years experience in the
computer industry. We put an emphasis on building and repairing PC’s
for Business, Personal, Music and Video production. We also build
Servers. Detail Solutions provides workshops on using software and
tutoring is also available. Some of the software offered for training
includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Cakewalk Sonar,
Sony Vegas Video, Sony Sound Forge, Microsoft Windows, Adobe
Photoshop, ProTools, etc. Some of the training includes How to build a
PC, Audio/Video editing, editing graphics for presentation purposes, etc.
Please feel free to ask if you don't see a service you may need.
Knowledge is Power
Marcellus Green/Owner
Here are some of the things we do
Detail Solutions Computers and Audio Provides
1. Repair and Build Computers
2. Upgrade Computers
3. Install Software/Hardware
4. Kill Viruses and Malicious Spyware
5. Preventive Maintenance
6. Tuitor
7. Teach Classes from Audio Engineering to How to Build a PC
8. Write Tracks
9. Make Beats
10. Make Brochures
11. Graphic Design
12. Setup HDMI Surround Sound Systems
13. Acoustical Installation
14. Build Websites
15. Setup Theatre and multimedia rooms
16. Setup Private Networks
17. Design and Build Computer Labs
18. Network Administration/Network Monitoring
Troubleshoot and fix any issue that arise due to failing or failed
hardware components. This function is generally completed
through a process known as parts swapping even though there
are a number of diagnostic tools which may be used to
establish which component failed. Computer failures can also
be caused by software corruption as well as incorrect
installation or configuration. As such, we correct these types of
problems as well as explain to the customer what happened.

Speaking specifically to the Microsoft Windows environment,
we include the diagnosis and removal of a wide range of
malware that will create issues with a PC. In addition we will
take whatever steps that are necessary to prevent the issues
from recurring. This may include the installation of anti-virus
software, training the customer as to how to avoid dangerous
computing activities and possibly to schedule regular
maintenance visits to ensure that any problems are caught and
contained before they become a major issue.
Let us build your wireless
Multi Media computer so
you can lay back in your
lazy boy and run the world
Detail Solutions Computers and
Audio has been in the
Information Technology game
for over 33 years and it is
something we enjoy doing with
a passion. Our strong
background and versatile
experience in the field will
assure you that we would be a
strong and positive asset for
you or your organization. Please
feel free to take advantage of all
our skills for we are willing and
open minded. We are confident
that we can step right in and be a
positive impact on for you or
your organization. Thank you for
affording us this opportunity for
working with you.

Marcellus E Green/Owner
Certified PC Technician/Computer Support Specialist/System
Administrator/Network Administrator/Audio
Engineer/Musician/Videographer/hdmi-over-cat5 Technician

Knowledge is Power